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ISO 22301

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ISO 22301

Business Continuity Management

ISO 22301 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is It?
BS25999-1 publication which describes the activities and 'outcomes' of establishing a BCM process. It also provides a series of recommendations for good practice. ISO 22301 defines the requirements for a management systems approach to business continuity management.

So What Is It For?
To provide assistance to the person responsible for implementing BCM within an organization. It describes a framework and process for the Business Continuity Manager to use and offers a range of good practice recommendations.

ISO22301 offers the basis for certification. It defines management systems requirements within a specification. These, however, can be used by internal or external bodies.

Who Produced It?
BS25999 was produced through the BSI. The sponsors of the original document, which was called PAS 56, were the BCI and Insight Consulting, although a number of other organizations were consulted during the development, including EDS, Sainsbury's and the Post Office. ISO 22301 was produced by ISO, using BS25999-2 as a primary input.

Is It A Standard?
Yes, it is. PAS 56 was a 'Publically Available Specification', and was withdrawn upon publication of the formal British Standard BS 25999-1. It is also important to understand that it does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a contract. ISO 22301 is an ISO standard.

What is ISO22301?
ISO 22301 is the ISO standard for business continuity management. BS25999 was used as the foundation to create it, but there were influences from a number of other frameworks throughout the world.

Where Can I Obtain A Copy?
A copy of ISO 22301 can be obtained from Standards Direct's: ISO 22301 download page.

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